UKHospitality pleads for equality between sectors

06/06/2018 - 09:50
UKHospitality has called for a ‘level playing field’ between hospitality and other sectors, in response to the Government’s three consultations yesterday (5 June).

Chief executive, Kate Nicholls, said: “The hospitality sector is one that makes great efforts to satisfy a plethora of regulatory burdens, most of which are quite sensible and rightly have the benefit and wellbeing of our valued customers at heart.

“However, we feel that the responsible measures that our members adhere to are in contrast with some other sectors where tax evasion via cash in hand payments, hidden economy transactions and other means give them a competitive advantage.

“In addition, the lost revenues to the Treasury then need to be made up by those law-abiding businesses who play by the rules.

“Furthermore, parts of the rapidly-developing sharing economy, like home-sharing platforms, also enjoy an unfair advantage through under-regulation. Commercial landlords are able to capitalise on this regulatory vacuum, often avoiding tax and neglecting safety measures designed to protect customers and to which the rest of the accommodation dutifully comply.”

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