UK appoints ‘Food Surplus and Waste Champion’

07/01/2019 - 06:00
UK government has appointed Ben Elliot - co-founder of lifestyle group Quintessentially - as its first ever ‘Food Surplus and Waste Champion’ to raise awareness of the issues surrounding food waste.

The appointment was made by Environment Secretary, Michael Gove, which he hopes will kick-start the government’s plans to cut food waste from all sources and reduce the 10.2 million tonnes of waste produced in the UK each year.

Elliot will also work with food manufacturers, hospitality, foodservice, and retail businesses to “motivate them to tackle food waste from farm to fork” while supporting the government’s 25-year Environment Plan to eliminate food waste to landfill by 2030.

His main responsibilities include:

  • Supporting and championing the implementation of the food waste prevention policies outlined in the Resources and Waste Strategy
  • Encouraging actors in the food sector to work together to generate ideas and workable solutions on food surplus and waste issues
  • Advising Defra on proposals for the distribution of the £15 million food waste fund
  • Motivating business leaders to tackle food waste from farm to fork, including through support for the delivery of the Courtauld Commitment 2025

Elliot said: “While families all over the country struggle to put food on the table and children still go to school each day with empty stomachs, there continues to be an unforgivable amount of food waste which is both morally deplorable and largely avoidable.

“As a nation, we need to stop this excessive waste and ensure that surplus food finds its way to people in our society who need it most, and not let it get thrown away and go to landfill.

“The progress that we have made at the Felix Project has had a positive impact on thousands of people’s lives in London and I am extremely grateful to all of those involved in the food sector that have been so supportive.

“My new appointment will allow me to work with DEFRA and food retailers all over the country to help build out a nationwide strategy that will ensure surplus food is not wasted at the expense of those in our society that truly need it.”

Gove added: “Food waste is an economic, environmental and moral scandal. We must end it.

“That’s why I am delighted Ben Elliot is taking up this position and know he will bring the enthusiasm and skills this important role needs. His first task will be to help ensure our £15m food waste fund redistributes surplus food that would otherwise be wasted to those most in need.”

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