Salmon Wrapped In BaconWith A Mussel Broth, Leek

2 x 200 gm salmon paves 400 gm fresh mussels 4 rashers smoked streaky bacon 1 leek 200 gm wild mushrooms 2 celery hearts 100 gm Tilda Arborio rice 1 onion 500 ml fish stock/vegetable stock/double cream 250 ml white wine 2 lemons 100 gm unsalted butter Chopped continental parsley/fresh thyme Salt and white pepper 1 handful of baby spinach/red chard
Preparation method: 
Trim salmon into rectangles, season with pepper, wrap with bacon and put in fridge. Cook mussels in white wine for 4-5 mins until shells open. Strain liquor through a fine chinois and reduce fish stock by half. Keep four mussels in the shell for garnish and remove the rest. Halve celery hearts lengthways, wash and seal in a pan in olive oil and butter. Add vegetable stock and cover with baking parchment. Leave to braise for around 25 minutes. Prepare a risotto and finish with sweated leek and sauted wild mushrooms, double cream and unsalted butter. Take earlier reduction, add double cream and butter. Whisk until foamy, add the de-shelled mussels to the broth with chopped herbs, mushrooms and leeks. Season and finish with lemon juice. Saute salmon bacon side down, cook in a hot oven for 5-8 mins until salmon is medium rare. Assemble as illustration

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