Matt Damon and Stella Artois highlight global water crisis in hidden camera experiment

22/02/2018 - 09:45
Beer company Stella Artois this week launched a video “challenging people to imagine their everyday lives without access to clean water” in partnership with charity and co-founder, Matt Damon.

To coincide with the companies’s new campaign, ‘The Wait for Water’ video highlights consumers’s reactions when they are told that water won’t be available to them for up to six hours – the average amount of time women spend collecting water each day in the developing world.

Captured via a hidden camera in a hotel in London, restaurant in New York and café in Uruguay, the video aims to “illustrate the way so many of us take water – a basic human necessity – for granted” - highlighted through the customers’s reactions.

Co-founder of, actor Matt Damon said: “We’ve learnt this issue is hard for many people to relate to because clean, accessible water is a constant presence in their lives. Yet for millions around the world, this isn’t the case. Our challenge is to help create that understanding.”

To further support the cause, Stella will provide “one month of clean water to someone in the developing world” for every “pint, bottle, or can of Stella Artois” purchased this month – be it on-trade or off-trade.

Jason Warner, president of AB InBev North Europe, added: “It was important for us to take a fresh approach, putting the issue into people’s everyday lives in a provocative way to inspire them to think about it differently and take action.

“Since 2015, (Stella’s) partnership with has provided more than a million people in the developing world with access to five years of clean water, and we’re excited to continue this momentum.

“But we also wanted to involve as many people as possible in the UK in helping to end the global water crisis, making it easy to donate as part of their usual routine – their usual shopping trip or pub visit.

“So for the next month, when you buy a pint, bottle or can of Stella Artois, you give someone in the developing world a month’s clean water. It’s that simple.”

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