Making a ‘good cup of coffee’ the favourite part of baristas' job

10/10/2017 - 07:00
Following a series of polls targeted at Baristas, the satisfaction of producing a good cup of coffee came top among coffee shop workers when asked what they most enjoyed about their job.

The 2,796 responses from the Barista Hustle survey revealed that making a good ‘cuppa’ was the most enjoyable part of the job for 39% of baristas, closely followed by customer interaction at 33%.

Being able to explore coffee was voted first by 21% of respondents while the grinding and brewing side of coffee received 0.6% of the vote.

When asked whether they preferred interacting with customers and ‘exploring coffee’ instead of making it, 73% said they did.

8% of baristas voted customer interaction as their least favourite part of the job.

Matthew Perger of Barista Hustle, said: “The results show that baristas enjoy the satisfaction of making great coffee more than the manual-side to coffee making.

“I believe that once a coffee professional understands that their profession requires more intellect and emotion than mindless repetitive labour, we'll see significant increases in the satisfaction of those priorities. This is a good thing for humans on both sides of the bar."

Perger said he hoped that the polls would draw peoples attention to Eversys' #theloveofcoffee campaign, which the cofee machin supplier is running ahead of its 'next generation super-automatic espresso machine' launch at HOST on 20 October.

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