JJ Foodservice transforms delivery with ‘Amazon-style’ system

11/07/2018 - 07:00
Tapping into latest technologies, wholesaler JJ Foodservice yesterday (10 June) announced that it is to launch an ‘Amazon-style’ notification system to provide customers with a more precise delivery arrival time.

Based on real-time data, the new system will send customers “an email notification when their order is first dispatched and then again when the driver is nearby. It calculates positioning with local traffic conditions to give an estimated arrival time,” head of operations, Sedat Kaan Hendekli, explained.

Claiming that it will “dramatically improve convenience for busy caterers,” it will see the four-hour delivery time slot customers are currently given replaced with a precise estimated time, meaning that they “can be prepared, have payment ready, and make space for the delivery, which speeds up the process both ends,” Hendekli added.

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