Hospitality sector ‘has concerns’ about antibiotics in food supply chain

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13/09/2018 - 07:00
New research reveals the foodservice and hospitality sector is increasingly worried about the prevalence of antibiotics in the supply chain, although only 40% admit to monitoring suppliers for antibiotic use.

The findings form part of a report titled ‘Anticipating Change: Antibiotics in the Food and Drink Supply Chain’ published by Trade Interchange, a management solutions provider in the foodservice industry.

Mike Edmunds, the company’s co-founder and managing director, said: “Today’s complex supply chains require closer scrutiny than ever before.

“Major issues such as antibiotic use in livestock and the potential deadly impact on human health mean businesses must maintain full visibility over the sourcing of products.

“Our software enables businesses to improve visibility in their supply chain and streamline the process for collecting, storing and monitoring vital information such as antibiotic usage policies.

“This can ultimately help to reduce risk, ensure compliance and protect company brand and reputation.”

The World Health Organisation (WHO) says antibiotic use in animals may lead to antimicrobial resistance in humans, leaving them vulnerable to infections that have been easily tackled for 70 years in the developed world.

The research also showed that 77% of hospitality businesses said they were seeing more external pressure from stakeholders to tackle supply chain challenges such as antibiotics.

It was based on interviews with 225 professionals responsible for managing food and drink suppliers.

The report also asked about the likely impact of Brexit and the preparations companies have already made.

You can download the report from the link below:

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