Furniture giant Ikea explores ‘meat-free’ meatballs for its menu

Ikea swedish meatballs
02/07/2018 - 11:51
Swedish flat-packed furniture company Ikea, the world’s biggest seller of meatballs, is researching a meat-free version of the Swedish dish made of mealworms, called the Neatball.

The international superstore’s research lab, Space 10, based in Copenhagen, Denmark is also testing patties made of mealworms, beetroot, parsnips and potatoes.

The dishes are only ‘works in progress’ at its test kitchen, but are part of the company’s re-imagining of its fast food menu for a sustainable future.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Ikea food sales generate US$2bn a year and it is the world’s largest seller of meatballs, serving customers 150m annually in the restaurants in its furniture stores.

The updated version of the classic Ikea Swedish meatball uses mealworms instead of traditional meat, the idea being to promote alternative proteins and reduce meat consumption.

The mashed potatoes and lingonberry sauce remain however, for customers who cherish Ikea’s meatball traditions.

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