Fun Friday Food Facts 2018 Vol.33

31/08/2018 - 08:52
After a few weeks without any sort of theme, this week all the facts revolve around non-alcoholic drinks. If you have any interesting facts, share them with us on social media!
  • Astronauts do not consume sodas or carbonated drinks in space because the lack of gravity to separate the liquid and gas in the stomach leads to a kind of vomiting called “wet burping.”
  • Germany’s beer drinking culture is such that its top sports stars would rather drink non-alcoholic beer to energy or sports drinks. At the 2018 Winter Olympics, for example, Team Germany got through 3,500 litres of it and finished second in the medal table.
  • Around 90% of ALL blackcurrants grown in Britain are sold to the drinks brand, Ribena, as the company only uses berries grown by British farmers in its drinks.
  • Water is the only substance that can be found in three forms: liquid, gas and solid.

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