Friday Food Facts 2018 Vol.27

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06/07/2018 - 09:51
With an England victory on the horizon this Saturday - here are some Friday food facts that we think are winners.
  • McDonald’s fans may be pleased to hear that the Golden Arches offers wedding party packages in Hong Kong, which range from HK$3,000 to $10,000! HK$10,000 worth of chicken nuggets – where do we sign up?
  • Sweden might not be the kings of football – we hope – but they are the masters of meatballs. Swedish furniture chain Ikea sells 2m every day in its 340 stores around the world.
  • In 8th century Japan people used sushi as a form of currency to pay their taxes.
  • It takes 2 to 4 days to make a single serving chocolate bar.
  • Kiwi fruit need their beauty sleep too, with the plant’s vines taking a snooze from December until March. Once they ‘wake up’ kiwis begin to grow again and need 200 frost-free days to develop into the sweet fruit.
  • Feeling a bit stressed? Well so are the carrots in your salad. If you cut a carrot in half it causes the vegetable ‘stress’ and triggers a genetic response. However, this causes it to synthesise chemical compounds that actually make the stressed carrot healthier to eat.
  • If you ever feel like tucking an ice cream cone into the back pocket of your jeans – don’t do it in Kentucky. It is illegal in the state to carry a cone in this way because you could be using it to steal a horse if it then follows you home to get the ice cream.

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