Ugly fruit and veg helps feed the 5,000 at Trafalgar Square’s free lunch

21/12/2009 - 00:00
Celebrity chef Thomasina Miers has helped leading charities including Save the Children and ActionAid to highlight the problem of food waste with a free lunch notably called ‘Feeding the 5,000’.

Held on Wednesday 16th December, members of the public turned up and sampled dishes such as hot soups made from vegetables cast out because they are not cosmetically perfect and a range of sandwiches and freshly-made fruit smoothies, pressed on the day by customised bicycles. Author and food waste campaigner Tristram Stuart helped organise the event and explained more about its importance: "Feeding the 5000 is a wonderful partnership including food companies, farmers and charities. The aim of our lunchtime feast is to highlight how food waste can be avoided by putting food to good use i.e. feeding people." Thomasina Miers from Wahaca used a cookery masterclass on the day to demonstrate how to make the most of the food: "This is a creative and entertaining way to raise people's awareness of how much we are all chucking away, its future implications and what we could all be doing instead. I am delighted to be a part of it and urge people to come down to Trafalgar Square on the day and join us for a delicious, free lunch!"

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