Stop serving foie gras

15/12/2008 - 00:00
Michelin starred chef Michael Caines has been given a 600-signature petition to stop serving foie gras at his Abode Exeter restaurant, according to reports.

Caines did not take the petition in person and nobody was available for comment at the time, said the BBC.

The production of pate made from force-fed geese and ducks' livers is banned in the UK, but it can be imported. Protestors showed a human being force fed with spaghetti to compare the conditions.

Sharon Howe of the organisation Exeter Friends For Animals, who held the protest outside the restaurant, explained her reasons behind the petition: "Michael Caines promotes local produce, which we think is very praiseworthy. But at the same time he is importing a product, which, were it produced in this country, would be banned because it contravenes animal welfare legislation."
Renowned French chef Albert Roux also disagrees with the traditional methods of producing foie gras. He said that the techniques of force-feeding ducks and geece should stop and that more humane methods should be used that allow animal to gorge thmselves naturally, according to The Scotsman. "It's the same as cigarettes, it should carry a health warning so that people know what's been done to the animal", Roux explained.

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