The Sound Doctor ‘tackles obesity’ with new video

The two-minute long video encourages people to reduce salt intake
27/07/2017 - 09:57
The Sound Doctor has released its latest animated video titled ‘The Cooking Song’ in what it says is a bid to offer a different way for health educators to engage with people.

The film, created by former BBC producers and presenters Dominic Arkwright and Rosie Runciman, encourages people to downsize portion sizes, reduce salt intake, lessen the use of fats and to keep active.

Runciman said: “There are hundreds of health messages about exercise and diet. Most are boring and prescriptive. By adding style, humour and a catchy tune to the message, we believe that it will resonate with people and stay top of mind when cooking in the kitchen.

“We all know that eating less and doing more is the key to combating obesity, and that this is a lifestyle choice which many people find difficult to make. Fun and quirky messages like The Cooking Song can help people introduce little changes into their eating habits - ‘something everyone can do’ - which will lead to big differences in their longer-term health outcomes.”

The Sound Doctors have released around 300 films which intend to inform the public on a wide range of health issues.

Watch the video here-

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