Soil Association launches online Christmas marketplace for organic businesses

13/11/2017 - 07:00
Following the success of Organic September, Soil Association Certification has launched an online marketplace for organic businesses this festive season.

Designed to help consumers find, try and buy the products they need for an organic Christmas, from turkeys, vegetable boxes, gifts, spirits, chocolates and Christmas essentials, the initiative also provides Soil Association licensees a platform to showcase their products and increase sales.

Building on Organic September, which reportedly saw the market grow by 7.1% over the 30 day period, business development director Clare McDermott said: “We (Soil Association) want to continue to reinforce the positive messaging around organic especially at this key time of Christmas when shoppers are thinking more about where their food comes from. Organic is food as it should be, and means fewer pesticides, no GM ingredients, no routine use of antibiotics, always free range and no artificial colours or preservatives.

“As well as getting consumers to find everything to be inspired about organic in the Christmas hub, we are also encouraging consumers to visit their local independent organic retailer, try a box scheme or visit a farm shop and will be producing point-of-sale materials to assist retailers in highlighting and celebrating their organic products this Christmas season.”

As per last year, the association expects to see an influx sales of cream, chocolate, preserves and spreads, wine, sparkling wine and spirits this Christmas, as well as other areas “as shoppers continue to seek out healthy food and new and innovative products continue to fuel the sector.”

Visit the Organic Collective Christmas marketplace via

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