Producers profit from a ‘Brexit British Christmas’

13/11/2017 - 10:21
According to purchasing company Beacon, British producers are to “reap the benefits” of the Brexit vote this Christmas, as rising costs of imported goods and preference for home-grown produce takes the reins.

In new research carried out by the company, half of UK diners said they would be “willing to pay more for food with a British provenance” - a quarter up to 25% more – as ‘Made in Britain’ was voted the most popular dining trend among the 2,000 people surveyed.

Coupled with economic and environmental factors that are affecting the price and availability of international food and drink, including seasonal produce, salmon and wines from Australia, New Zealand, France, US, Chile and Argentina, the company said a “Brexit British Christmas could be on the menu.”

Managing director Paul Connelly explained: “Our research shows a trend of British patriotism among diners, with this evident in recent data from the UK Office for National Statistics as well, and we see this influencing buying as we approach Christmas.

“Not only this, but with rising costs for imported goods and the amount of quality British products available, it is no wonder people are preferring to buy closer to home.

“When looking at the current market, we predict many outlets opting to put British food and drink on the menu this Christmas, to minimise import costs and tap into the ‘Made in Britain’ trend which diners are signalling they would pay extra for.”

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