Online guide for foods Brits ‘struggle’ to pronounce

Pili nuts
07/09/2018 - 07:00
As Brits become more adventurous with the dishes and cuisines that they are eating, it seems they are equally struggling with how to pronounce them… with Google registering a 182% increase in searches for “correct pronunciation of ‘Kombucha'” in the past two years.

To help on the way, kitchen brand Magnet has partnered with food trends agency, The Food People, to launch an online pronunciation help sheet.

The oral guide enables consumers to listen to the correct pronunciation of 15 ‘up and coming’ foods and also provides an explanation for each.

It includes:

  • Poke – Hawaiian raw fish dish
  • Mofongo – Puerto Rican fried green plantain
  • Pili nuts – nuts for Philippines
  • Zhug – Yemenite hot sauce
  • Freekeh – grain
  • Seitan – vegan meat alternative
  • Horchata – a cinnamon drink from Spain
  • Tempeh – vegetarian protein made from soybeans
  • Fonio – African grain
  • Ube – purple yam from Asia
  • Jujube – fruit
  • Quark – soft cream cheese
  • Uyghur – traditional Chinese food
  • Kernza – sweet and nutty grain
  • Sisig – Filipino dish made from pig’s head

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