One in three Britons eat the same lunch every day, finds Deliveroo

The ham sandwich was found to be the most popular lunch amongst those polled
04/09/2017 - 10:38
One in three of the UK’s workforce sit down to exactly the same lunch every day, according to a new study from Deliveroo.

The poll of 1,500 workers revealed that 70% of workers admitted to being stuck in a 'lunch rut' with ham sandwiches emerging as the most likely midday repeat meal, following by cheese and then tuna sandwiches.

According to the study, the average Briton has a repertoire of three lunches on rotate with 40% admitting to being jealous of colleagues who have ‘interesting and varied’ lunches.

Dan Warne, managing director of Deliveroo, said: “This research highlights how many of the British workforce eat really boring, unimaginative meals for lunch on repeat.

Other survey findings included that 25% of all employees eat lunch at their desks and, on average, the typical worker takes 17 minutes to finish their lunch.

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