One in ten 14 to 16-year olds think tomatoes grow underground, according to BNF survey

12/06/2017 - 08:38
A survey from the British Nutrition Foundation (BNF) has found that one in ten 14 to 16-year-olds think tomatoes grow underground and 6% believe dairy cow produce eggs.

The survey of over 5,000 school children aged between five and 16 also found that 54% of 11 to 14-year-olds use the internet as a reliable source of information on healthy eating, with schools as the second biggest source of information as 59% rely on schools to provide them with correct information.

Roy Ballam, managing director of head of education at BNF, said: “We can’t control what children access on the internet and elsewhere but we can ensure that teacher are equipped with accurate information.

“However, research we conducted last year amongst primary school teachers showed that seven in ten of participating teachers had not undertaken and professional development in ‘food’ during the past two years.”

The survey, conducted as part of BNF’s Healthy Eating Week, also found a quarter of primary school students believe cheese comes from plants, 13% of 8 to eleven-year-olds believe pasta comes from an animal and 18% of children aged between five and seven believe fish fingers are made from chicken.

Ballam said: “With no formal professional support provided to teachers centrally, schools and individual teachers take on the responsibility for interpreting and delivering the curriculum in their own way.

“This approach means there is a risk of conflating or misleading messaging being disseminated through schools across the UK.”

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