New research suggests dinner parties are a ‘thing of the past’

The survey showed the average Briton spends over £3,000 a year on food and alcohol for guests
18/07/2017 - 10:31
84% of Britons think dinner parties have been replaced by informal or ‘casual’ kitchen suppers, according to new research.

The survey carried out by Anglican Home Improvements said that this change means 65% of people are now more sociable than ever, having friends over three times a month on average.

According to the poll, Britons will host an average of 36 supper and lunch parties every year at their homes, splashing out just over £3,000 a year on food and alcohol for friends.

The study also highlights certain 'do's' and 'don’ts' of such gatherings, including what food not to serve and what discussions not to have.

The findings included the recommendations to never serve a chicken breast wrapped in Parma ham, always serve olives from the local deli rather than a jar and to make sure what you serve is seasonal.

A spokesperson for Anglian Home Improvements said: “The results of our survey have proven times are changing in terms of how we entertain, however, while our home hangouts are becoming more informal, we still want to socialise in style.”

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