Majority of hospitality sector professionals 'feel guilty' when calling in sick

61% of hospitality proffesionals said they felt guilty calling in sick for work
11/07/2017 - 07:00
Almost two thirds of those working in the hospitality sector feel guilty when calling in sick to work due to a fear that it leaves their team in the lurch, according to a poll from CV-library.

Despite 85.7% of those asked saying that their manager was understanding to any sick days, over 61% of the 1,300 professionals asked were reluctant to miss a days work due to illness.

Other findings from poll showed that one in ten hospitality professionals admitted to taking sick leave when not really ill, while 18% of workers said they would make up an excuse for not going in.

While almost three quarters said that they had heard a colleague giving a false excuse for not going to work, 16.7% of the reasons given for missing work were admitted to be hangovers and a further 16% said they just simply couldn’t be bothered to go in.

CV-Library founder, Lee Biggins, said: “Sick leave continues to be a taboo topic in the workplace and it’s clear that hospitality professionals are feeling guilty about taking time off work when they’re unwell.

“That said, it’s also apparent that many professionals still take unnecessary sick days, giving a whole host of excuses for not turning up to work. While it might seem like a good idea at the time you should always consider how your decisions can have a wider impact on your team and workload.”

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