Kids should get fishy

12/11/2007 - 00:00
We know it can be difficult to get kids to eat seafood. But research shows, the younger children are when they try new things, the more likely they are to accept and enjoy them.

Nutritionist Juliette Kellow gives these top tips for getting children to eat more seafood: • Start experimenting – if some of your family don't like cod you might find they love prawns – there are oceans of flavours and textures to try! • Plan weekly menus to try to incorporate seafood into different mealtimes, making it easier to get two portions a week. For a quick, healthy lunch, top slices of wholemeal toast with sardines or pilchards in tomato sauce. • Create your own seafood pizza with the kids. They will love getting involved - try prawns, smoked mackerel or even a few canned anchovies for a fishy feast. The SuperHumans website was recently relaunched and at the end of this month a forum where caterers and busy parents can share tips on how to get children to eat fish be available for you to post your messages onto.

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