Fun Friday Food Facts 2019 Vol. 2

11/01/2019 - 09:00
We hate to admit it but even we're impressed with this week's round-up of Fun Friday Food Facts. We'd love to hear your thoughts on Twitter!
  • Did you know that Irn Bru sausage exists? Originally created as an experiment, it’s a traditional pork sausage with Irn Bru added, which apparently add sweetness to the flavour. It’s now sold by Ballard Butchers in Scotland and has proven very popular
  • Next time you tuck into McDonald’s chicken nuggets, take a look at their shape. They actually come in four different shapes – boot, ball, bone and ball – to ensure they’re cooked evenly and for extra ‘dip-ability’!
  • A chef in China preparing a rare local delicacy using cobra died after being bitten by the snake – 20 minutes after he had cut the head from its body. Experts say snakes retain some reflexive action up to an hour after death
  • It’s no secret that Gregg's Bakers has recently launched a vegan sausage roll, but did you know that it contains more calories than a McDonalds cheeseburger, which is already causing a stir among the vegan community

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