Fun Friday Food Facts 2018 Vol.16

20/04/2018 - 08:47
It's Friday, the sun's shining and we have a brand new round of Fun Friday Food Facts for you to enjoy... What more you could want?
  • What do Mona Lisa, ice cream and Goldfinger all have in common? They’re all varieties of bananas. Grown in more than 150 countries, it is widely believed there are more than 1,000 types of bananas in the world, which are subdivided into 50 groups. These include the Blue Java, aka the ice cream banana - named for its blue skin and creamy, ice cream-like texture - the Macabu, which is black when fully ripe with a sweet pulp; the Niño, which is a mild and finger-sized, and the Burro banana, which has squared sides and a lemon flavour when ripe
  • India produces 16% of the total global production of milk – making it the world’s largest milk producing country
  • US makers of ice pops and slushies initially used amaranth, a dark red colour, for their raspberry-flavoured products, but found it produced severe allergic reactions. So they switched to a blue food dye, which also helped them avoid consumer confusion over strawberry and raspberry reds
  • The last bag of Woolworths pic 'n' mix sold in 2009 for more than £14,500 on eBay. With 115 bids, the 800g bag contained fizzy cola bottles, rhubarb and custards, strawberry bon bons, white mice, and many others
  • Apple seeds contain traces of cyanide (extremely toxic salts)

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