Fun Friday Food Facts 2018 Vol. 38

05/10/2018 - 09:47
No theme this week, here's our selection of favourite Friday Food Facts.
  • To check if cranberries are fresh, throw them on a counter and see if they bounce back – if they do, you’re safe to eat!
  • Baked Alaska isn't from Alaska - the actual origins are a mystery, but it's assumed it has to do with the icy centre
  • To test out the wireless signal on its planes in 2012, airline Boeing placed giant piles of potatoes on seats. Due to their high water content and chemical makeup, potatoes absorb and reflect radio and wireless signals (just like humans do)
  • In World War II, US households were encouraged to donate their leftover bacon fat, which was used to create glycerin for bombs and gunpowder
  • Wondering how fresh your eggs are? Place one in a bowl of cold water. If it sinks and lies on its side, it is fresh. If it floats (or dawdles on the way to the bottom of the bowl), throw it in the bin!

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