Fun Friday Food Facts 2017 Vol. 40

13/10/2017 - 09:08
With no theme this week, our Fun Friday Food Facts offer something for everyone - enjoy!

Though Ferrero is often credited with inventing Nutella, it was actually his father, Pietro, who first thought to mix chocolate with hazelnuts.  Amid widespread chocolate shortages in the wake of World War II, Pietro sought to create a chocolate treat that would be affordable. The result was “supercrema,” a spread made with just a little bit of chocolate and a lot of the hazelnuts widely available in his native Piedmont region. The product was relaunched in 1964 by Ferrero, after Pietro’s death, and became the iconic Nutella that we know today. 

You might think World War II food rationing in Britain finished when the war did, but meat and bacon continued to be restricted until July 1954 – nearly nine years after the Japanese surrender.

Back in 1979, the humble chicken kiev made UK food history as the country’s first chilled ready meal! Sold by Marks and Spencer’s for £1.99, it was intended as a "sophisticated alternative to a TV dinner” - a dish that working, middle class women could serve to friends.

While you probably consider slurping noodles to be rude, this is not the case in Japan. In fact, slurping is not only acceptable, but encouraged, as it's believed to improve the noodles' flavor and considered to be evidence that you enjoyed your meal.

Italy’s Genoa Airport is the only facility in Europe that has an exception to the three ounces of liquid rule. It allows for pesto to be carried in higher quantities after going through a special pesto scanner.

Do you like Ferrero Rocher’s? Do you currently hold a world record in the Guinness  book of records? No? Well here is your chance. The most Ferrero Rocher chocolates eaten in one minute is 9, achieved by Peter Czerwinski in Canada on 4 Jan 2012. "Furious Pete" is a professional competitive eater, but decided to set this record from the comfort of his own home and his record still stands! So what will you be doing this weekend now?

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