Fun Friday Food Facts 2017 Vol. 39

06/10/2017 - 09:45
National Curry Week takes place next week (9-15 October) and to celebrate, we have found some hot food facts for you to enjoy...

The highest tower of 1,280 poppadums was piled up in Northampton to celebrate Curry Week in 2012. It was 5ft 8in high.

Did you know that London contains more Indian restaurants than Bombay and Delhi combined.

India has the lowest meat consumption in the world per person – not surprising considering 40% of the population is vegetarian.   

Chicken tikka masala, the hugely popular Indian curry, is NOT Indian. It was invented in Glasgow, Scotland.

Cumin seeds, a major ingredient in curry powder, were thought in medieval Europe to promote love and fidelity so married soldiers were often sent off to battle with a fresh baked loaf of cumin bread.

Two thirds of all meals out in the UK are indian food and this is worth 3.2 billion pounds a year!

The cayenne pepper, a staple in Indian cooking, possess amazing healing properties. Among them it can stop bleeding from an open wound within a minute. Simply sprinkle the diced pepper onto the site; it will react with the body to equalise blood pressure, slowing the flow and enabling clotting much quicker.  

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