Fun Friday Food Facts 2017 Vol. 34

01/09/2017 - 11:14
In anticipation of International Bacon Day this Sunday (3 September), we've pulled together our favourite bacon-related facts for this week's Friday Food Facts - enjoy!

11% of a standard pigs weight is bacon. A 200 pound pig will yield roughly 20 pounds of bacon depending on the butchering process!

In addition to planting victory gardens and buying war bonds, households were encouraged to donate their leftover bacon grease to the war effort. Rendered fats created glycerin, which in turn created bombs, gunpowder, and other munitions.
A promotional film starring Minnie Mouse and Pluto chided housewives for throwing out more than 2 billion pounds of grease every year; "That’s enough glycerin for 10 billion rapid-fire cannon shells.

Bacon is consumed at breakfast an average of 12 times per person per year.

43% of Canadians admitted they would rather eat bacon than have sex; with 23% of Canadian men rating it their favourite smell (according to a poll by consumer packaged meats company, Maple Lead Foods).

Celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal spent two years perfecting a bacon sandwich in a tin that was sent into space in 2016 for British astronaut Tim Peake, who was aboard the international space station at the time.

What’s the formula for the perfect back sandwich.... The telegraph held a poll and it turns out its White sliced bread; untoasted with unsmoked bacon and brown sauce.

'Bringing Home the Bacon'- These days the phrase refers to making money, but its origins have nothing to do with income. In 12th century England, churches would award a "flitch," or a side, of bacon to any married man who swore before God that he and his wife had not argued for a year and a day. Men who "brought home the bacon" were seen as exemplary citizens and husbands.

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