Fun Friday Food Facts 2017 Vol. 22

Fun Friday Food Facts 2017 Vol. 22
09/06/2017 - 10:08
In the week where the UK voted for a hung Parliament, we found some strong and stable food facts for the many, not the few.

During WW2 the British Special Operations Executive deployed garlic flavoured chocolate bars distributed to spies behind enemy lines in Spain with the hope that the smell on their breath would help them blend in with the locals.

It takes at least twice as much water to produce a plastic water bottle as the amount of water in the water bottle.

The first written mention of sausages is in 4,000 years old texts from the ancient Sumerians of Mesopotamia mentioning meat stuffed into intestinal casings.

Fuel for cars? Scientists now believe that bio fuels will be the answer to our energy needs when the oil runs out. One such fuel, perhaps within 10 years, will be carrots. It would take approximately 6,000 carrots to drive one mile.

If you're right handed, you will use the right side of your mouth much more when you chew food. If you're left handed, it’s the other way round.

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