Fun Friday Food Facts 2017 Vo. 27

14/07/2017 - 09:26
In the week the Great Repeal Bill began its rumble through the British legislative process as part of our departure from the EU, we’ve found some food facts with a European flavour.

For instance let’s have a snigger at these genuine product names: Donkee Basterd Suker (Dutch sugar), Plopp (Swedish toffee bar), Nora Knackers (Norwegian biscuits) and Craps Chocolate (France).

And as today is Bastille Day in France, the home of gastronomy, let’s remind ourselves that the French are world leaders – they eat 25kg (55lb) of cheese each a year, more than any other country.

They also jointly consume 500 million snails a year – not surprisingly, more than anywhere else.

Despite their love of haute cuisine, though, France has embraced fast food. For example, it has 1,419 McDonalds restaurants – more than the UK – a fact not so surprising when you know the French ones serve beer.

Finally, did you know there are two types of cupcake – the small, individual ones originally baked in small pottery cups, and the much larger kind that derives its name from the fact its ingredients are measured using a standard size cup.

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