City Pantry: the food-tech start-up delivering straight to offices

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City Pantry founder and chief executive Stuart Sunderland
08/06/2018 - 10:56
City Pantry is a food-tech start-up based in London Bridge. The company was founded in 2013 by Stuart Sunderland, reports James Callery.

It serves meals straight to the offices of London-based companies, with clients including Google, Amazon and Spotify.

City Pantry started by delivering food from Brixton Market to local offices, giving them an alternative to traditional caterers.

Prior to founding the company, Sunderland worked in hospitality, before moving to finance.

Half a decade ago, Sunderland noticed a change in the capital. He said: “You didn’t need £250,000 to open a restaurant anymore. You could open a street food wagon for five or 10K and get the products on the market very quickly. I was really interested in that trend and wanted to be a part of it.”

Sunderland claims there are low levels of innovation in the corporate sector, with people wanting cheap and reliable, rather than interesting food at lunch. The company is looking to change this, with plans to expand across new cities over the coming months.

City Pantry does not make the food it delivers to offices. It works with caterers to do so. Says Sunderland: “Our job is to provide the access and super-user friendly platform from which to manage large quantities of food, coming into the building and then being distributed.”

The company has access to over 300 caterers, restaurants and chefs across London. The team also provides food for meetings and large events.

Sunderland said: “The growth of our company has been driven by the trend of consumers having access to really good food in their private life, then going into work and not getting that access, and wanting that access, and us filling the gap; being the platform in between. It’s a ground-up swell that we’re seeing.

“The corporate canteen within a building, where the same chefs are trying to prepare a variety of food and everything is margin-led, is not the future.”

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