Algae outbreak likely to raise price of salmon, warns Beacon

Beacon farmed salmon shortages algae norway
04/06/2019 - 10:05
Caterers in the UK may have to start splashing out more for salmon in the medium to long term as a result of 'mass mortalities' of fish from Norwegian farms caused by an algae outbreak according to procurement company Beacon.

Beacon’s supplier, Direct Seafoods, has revealed that salmon numbers are being decimated due to a bloom of algae that is killing off farmed varieties of the species.

This has resulted in a current total loss of £18 million so far, but is likely to increase.

To prevent floundering profits in the event that severe salmon shortages ensue, Beacon is advising operators to look at purchasing alternative varieties.

Such options include sea reared trout, a beautiful clean tasting fish that displays greater price stability than salmon, or Arctic char, a fish from the Salmonidae family with a pink flesh that resembles salmon, but is less oily - making it the perfect option for the health conscious.

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